Joel Mellon

Carlsbad CA 92009

Software Engineer

Relevant Experience

Possesses 15+ years of experience in various areas of software development, including a concentration in client- and server-side web programming and related technologies. Designs and supports web-based applications in Linux development environments.

Lead Software Engineer - Web

Blast Motion — Carlsbad, CA
  • Served as the development team lead for the industry-leading athletic motion analysis company serving top-tier universities, PGA Tour golfers, and MLB championship teams.
  • Collaborated with DevOps and cloud engineers to design and rollout a full infrastructure migration to Amazon Web Services, transitioning from limited vertical scaling capabilities to a horizontally scalable cloud architecture — Terraform, Kubernetes, EKS, containerd, S3, RDS
  • Introduced a multi-stage release pipeline for a GitOps-oriented development workflow to reduce environment related issues, ensure code quality, and automate zero downtime deployments — GitLab CI, Jira
  • Spearheaded an engineering initiative to improve front- and back-end performance across a wide spectrum of the development stack, earning substantial performance gains in metric delivery to consumers — xhprof, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Laravel Queues & Event-based design patterns
  • Custom coded graphs and charts to aid athletes and trainers in visualizing performance and to communicate effective strategies for athletic improvement — Vue.js, Vuex, AmCharts
  • Worked extensively with product, project, and program management teams to organize and plan deliverables, define consistent and centralized business rules, and ultimately shape the success of the product.

Software Architect

Stealth Startup (Contract) — Carlsbad, CA
  • Architected micro-service oriented APIs using RESTful concepts — Laravel, Lumen
  • Extended Laravel Queues to manage asychronous, sequential operations and supervise task workers — Illuminate, Supervisord
  • Coded back-end components to allocate and provision virtual hardware resources employing blocking techniques to prevent resource misallocation — VMware, Vagrant
  • Championed a unit testing culture, contributed expertise into CI/CD practices, and implemented product management workflows — PHPUnit, GitLab, Jira
  • Mentored junior developers and QA engineers, and served as a bridge between department heads while working closely with company principals.

Senior Software Engineer

Lettuce Box, Inc. — Carlsbad, CA
  • Hand-wrote geospatial and temperature analysis algorithms integral to the real-time telemetry processing of millions of data points per hour — PHP (Yii2)
  • Orchestrated the automated deployment and scaling of a containerized task queue subsystem responsible for batch processing across dozens of worker nodes — Docker, Amazon EC2
  • Implemented build systems for automated testing in a continuous integration environment —, GitHub, PHPUnit
  • Co-wrote and published a cross-platform, API-based mobile app for Android and iOS — React Native, Redux, React Router
  • Employed Agile methodologies to lead project development — Jira

Software Engineer

ThreatSTOP — Carlsbad, CA
  • Engineered a lightweight reporting API along side a high availability, horizontally scalable database architecture from proof of concept through full implementation — Python (Flask RESTful), Elasticsearch
  • Developed client-side reporting tools to chart, filter, and aggregate metrics on billions of database documents — React, Gulp, Plottable, DataTables
  • Contributed to the automated deployment of development clusters in a continuous integration environment — Ansible, Jenkins
  • Coded unit and functional tests for a variety of projects, maximizing code coverage for core company products — PhantomJS, Codeception, nose
  • Maintained and improved legacy software products and internal systems — PHP (Zend Framework 1 & 2), MySQL, MongoDB, Perl, C++

Web Developer, Payment Gateway Specialist

InstaPAY International — Carlsbad, CA
  • Lead a small team of junior developers that designed and developed an online multi-application system involving cross-browser compatible signature capture and server-side PDF generation — PHP (CodeIgniter MVC), MySQL, jQuery, ImageMagick
  • Specialized in payment gateway integration, working with corporate development teams to integrate payment processing APIs into enterprise level accounting software — Various development environments, Sage CRM, AccPac, Mas 90, Sage 100 ERP

Web Developer

WebAssist — La Jolla, CA
  • Architected, developed, and deployed a revenue sharing e-commerce community — PHP, MySQL, Adobe Flex 3
  • Maintained an enhanced reporting web portal for Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional — Adobe Connect 7 API (cURL, XML), PHP, MySQL, MOOTools
  • Demonstrated proficiency writing project specifications and documentation.

Web Developer

Admit One Products — Cardiff, CA
  • Designed, developed, and maintained a front-end interface for online ticket sales, including reserved seating and 2D venue mapping — PHP, MySQL, Prototype.js
  • Created end-user tools for web page layout, design, and content management — AJAX, HTML4, CSS
  • Helped maintain and support a custom, in-house Job Management System — PHP 4
  • Administered various Linux servers, network devices, and point-of-sale machines in development and production environments — Gentoo
  • Collaborated with lead developers as a QA assistant for embedded bar code scanners — Windows CE
  • Showed potential in design and implementation of business rules and data models.


Palomar College
Valley Center High School
Class of 2001